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Located in the South part of Turkey, D-Resort Grand Azur makes you fall in love with sunny Marmaris that is one of the districts of Muğla city. With its fresh nature and many more interesting details, you will be staying a place where you can enjoy some special moments with your loved ones.

One of the most magical places of Muğla, Marmaris welcomes you with an outstanding marina, a grand bazaar offering a variety of shops and a beautiful landscape. During your stay at D-Resort Grand Azur, you may want to spend some time in the city center and the nearby places so as to get to know this place better. Make sure that you add “boat trip” to your to-do-list for a wonderful experience of exploring the bays nearby.

The hotel is only 2 km from the center of Marmaris town which means that you can visit the city center which offers a marina with fancy restaurants. Along with the excellent quality of time that you spend inside of the resort, you can easily explore the nearby touristic spots like İçmeler, Gökova, Orhaniye and more.

Orhaniye & Kızkumu

Orhaniye is a place that preserves its history and culture since time immemorial. It is the homeland to a very popular touristic place, Kızkumu, that is formed by unique red sands. This 600 meters long sand bar gives an amazing opportunity for you to walk on the sea in fact. You may also want to check the ancient places, its gorgeous marina and Turgutlu Şelalesi.


Osmaniye village is a worldwide known place by being one of the best pine tree honey producer villages among the world. It offers a relaxing natural environment for the ones who search for peace and serenity that make them happy to come and spend some time at Osmaniye. Since it produces good quality honey, many of the tourists come here and buy products related to honey and so do the locals! Osmaniye is 20 km away from D-Resort Grand Azur.


Still offering an amazing atmosphere and climate conditions, it is sure that Selimiye, known as Losta in the past, has succeeded in remaining untouched like Datça or Bozburun. After a 45-minute trip from Marmaris city center, you will be arriving one of the best bays of Marmaris. You can taste the amazing dishes made from fresh fish species or you can visit the souvenir shops to buy some memorable gifts for your beloved ones. You should be aware of the fact that Selimiye has this magical power to heal your soul and spirit with its peace and quiet surroundings..


42 kilometers from D-Resort Grand Azur Marmaris, Taşlıca is known to be the most distant village to the center of Marmaris. It is quite close to Söğüt Village and once you arrive Aşar Hill, the place offers an amazing panoramic view surrounded by Saranda Bay and the other features. With Kırkkuyular and Serçe Marina, Apollon Temple, Phoenix, Loryma and Kıran Lake, Taşlıca has some great ancient spots.


A pleasant village nearby Marmaris, Turgut is surely becoming more and more popular day by day. You can reach here within 30 kilometers from Grand Azur. The place is mostly known by its waterfall that is approximately 6 meters and wild safari tours made with jeeps. The ones who come here visit also Turgut Castle that is one of the ancient ruins remaining in Turgut. In addition, the place is known to be a producer of carpets that are the main elements of Turkish tradition.

Akyaka & Gökova

If you want to enjoy the sunset, the delicious meals and the relaxing sea, you can come to Akyaka and Gökova. Most of the people eat at the restaurants located on the bank of Akyaka Lake. When it comes to Gökova, its bay shines out surely; after a bird’s-eye-view from the hill, you can go straight to the seaside and enjoy the sun and the sea. Gökova is favoured by the ones who love kitesurfing.


Bayır has been established on the city Syrna during ancient times. Bayır is one the villages that have become quite popular for jeep safari tours. Offering a piece of nature and everything that comes with it, you should definitely add Bayir on your to-be-visited list! There is a plane tree that is known to be quite old; the traditions say that if you take a stroll around this tree, you add one more to your life span.


Having preserved its freedom and tranquillity, Bozburun is a place called “heaven on Earth”. The spot highlights both its modern and ancient characteristics at the same time. Most of the travellers visit Aşar Tepesi too; you can climb that hill within 45 minutes to possess one of the most wonderful views of your life. Many people prefer here since Bozburun is known to offer the best dishes and the best view of Marmaris.

Datça & Knidos

It is sure that Datça remains as an unforgettable place that offers hidden beauties of Turkey like The Temple of Aprodite, Datça Marina, Ilıca Lake and more. Ilica Lake is known to have healing water which is quite good and healthy. Knidos Ancient City is a perfect place if you are a history lover; it is counted as one of the most essential coastal towns and it became a common haunt of blue cruises.


Want to get away from the rush and the crowd of the city center? Then Hisarönu is just for you! 20 kilometers away from Marmaris, Hisarönu is famous for its peaceful seaside mostly. Did you also know that Hisarönu is the coolest place in the city in terms of the weather? If you want to get away from the hottest times of the day, this is a great excuse for you to come here and enjoy your time with your loved ones during your stay in Marmaris.


You can easily reach the hotel from 3 different airports that are near: It is 100 km from Dalaman International Airport, 130 km from Bodrum International Airport and it is approximately 250 km from İzmir International Airport.

If you want to benefit from our transfer service, you need to make reservation for transfer in advance. Our team will welcome you at the airport and accompany you to your VIP transfer vehicle.

You can send your transfer request via telephone, e-mail or the page called “Plan Your Trip”. When you send your request we will get back to you as soon as possible.


GPS Coordinates of D-Resort Grand Azur Marmaris are:

N +36° 50' 19.02" E +28° 14' 53.01"

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